Grade level: Preschool and above.

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LEGO® Educational Coding Classes – WeDo 2.0

Young Whiz uses established brand LEGO® bricks that are naturally engaging to students at an elementary and pre-school level. The idea of using LEGO® bricks in an active, fun, and hands-on learning environment boosts motivation, inspires a natural desire to learn, explore, and discover on their own. Students will learn subjects like science, math, engineering, and technology. Working with bricks, children will be able to bring abstract concepts to life that they can touch, describe and innovate upon. Along with boosting self-guided learning and creativity, our program will help to improve and overcome challenges, collaboration and communication in a group and one on one setting.

After building the LEGO® creations, we then learn how to code them in each class. Children get to build, code and learn.

  • Build: By exploring LEGO® bricks using the coding software, inspiring STEM projects, children can experience and understand the building blocks of a real world environment.
  • Code: We at Young Whiz can introduce simple drag and drop interfaces for children that are starting out or we can introduce and develop more complex algorithms to make it more challenging depending on the children’s needs and ambition.
  • Learn: Through coding and understanding real life STEM challenges and engaging in physical and digital creation, LEGO® WeDo 2.0 encourages children to vastly develop computational skills for thinking, which in turn can help solve real world programming solutions.

“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.”


Creative imaginative exploration

Social and emotional development

Understanding of early math and science

Early language and literacy


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