Grade level: Kindergartener and above.

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Game Development

Code and design fun intriguing games with scratch! In this coding adventure, aspiring young innovators get hands on experience to create fun animated games and stories while learning key essential programming concepts with SCRATCH.


This award-winning programming platform that was developed by MIT sets a solid foundation for computational thinking all while being creative individually and in collaborative groups. There is no previous coding experience or knowledge required. Add sounds, text, buttons, animations and more to help tell a story. Your child will have fun and start a journey into learning 21st century skills of coding and technology.



What Students will Learn:

  • Coding using Scratch
  • Use of conditionals and variables to make responsive games
  • Tell a story using different tools (loops, timers, animations, etc)
  • Become a designer – create, test, and improve games
  • Add sounds and custom art to make the perfect creation
  • Experiment and explore to build creativity and confidence

Code and design fun intriguing games with scratch!


Become a designer

Experiment and explore

Learning on mistakes

Coding using Scratch


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